Cellar Tracking with Yodeling Wine

Yodeling Wine RFID Active tracking system protects your wine investment.
 The FASTEST way to track down your wines in your cellar.

Just select your wine from our free app using your phone or tablet and light up your bottles. 


Control. Wine. Simply.

Have you ever dreamed of locating a wine bottle within your wine racks with a simple single tap on your phone or tablet? Well now you can! Yodeling Wine Tracking System is a revolutionary product that lets you instantly control any of your wines within your wine cellar. Just select which bottle you want to find on the Yodeling Wine app and the Yodeling Wine tag on your bottle will light up automatically—like magic.

Intelligent IoT Cellar Tracking System

Control your wine cellar investment from the palm of your hand with Yodeling Wine Cellar Tracking System!

Great Value for the Money


Concern about the cost? The 6-year life span of the battery makes the upfront cost with today’s discount $9.75 a unit makes the cost of ownership only 1.65 a year for the first six years. There after cost of ownership goes down to .25 cent a year, based on the $1.50 cost for the CR2477 battery.


You can re-associate your Yodeling Wine tags over and over again.

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Wine app.png


 It’s easier than ever to manage your wine cellar collection or locate your wines with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. Setup is a breeze, associate your Yodeling wine unique barcode tag number to your wine bottle UPC code or take a picture of your wine bottle label and your done! 

Wine software.png

Wine Finder made easy

Download the Yodeling Wine app to your smart phone or tablet.

Connect Yodeling wireless gateway to your Internet router 

Enter your Wine Cellar into the Yodeling Wine App by scanning your wine bottle UPC Code and scanning your Yodeling Wine Tag. 

Enter the information about your wine bottle and take a picture. 

Pick your wine bottle or bottles and activate the light on the Yodeling Wine tag


1,2,3 it is that simple


Design in the USA Yodeling product is a durable design that will last you years   


Yodeling Wine App works with Yodeling Wine catalog software


Yodeling Tags talks 2.4 GHz 


Six year battery life 


The Yodeling Wine streamlined user interface makes managing your cellar easier than ever.


Sleek flat black surface blends into your wines cellar


Bright LED multi-color indicators


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