The struggles managing wine within our wine racks

The best ideas come from solving common problems; my problem was I couldn’t find a solution to quickly find my wines within my wine cellar. So with that, it was my mission to build a team to give you Yodeling Wine tracking system!

I can pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with wine - the one glass that knocked me off balance and opened me up to a lifetime of appreciation and dedication in collecting wines. The experiences, like wine itself, was incredibly unique but all resulted in the desire to pursue wine as a passion and now a profession!


My wife and I are constantly working and on the move, so when we do have some down time we love to have parties with friends and family here in lovely Southern California. My current work requires me to travel a lot, which gives me the opportunity to visit fantastic wineries. So, when I go on trips I normally end up purchasing several bottles of wines.  My wife has the same passion and with her friends she likes to visit Napa Valley, Sonoma, and Santa Rosa when time permits.  She would end up buying several bottles of wines as well.

Fast forward to our friends and family next party and you will be able to see me do what we like to call the “Foxtrot bottle shuffle” which is pulling each bottle to see what type of wine is in the cellar. This becomes very frustrating as the night goes on. Several guests ask for different types of wines, one group is drinking whites and another group is drinking reds. I like to keep my guest happy, but it gets crazy when you have people requesting different types of wines throughout the night. Because we are both pulling wines out of the cellar we really don't have any idea what we have at the end of the night. This is frustrating for someone that likes to keep track of our investment wines and the wine we drink with our guests.


After talking to several of my wine enthusiast friends I found out I am not alone with the problem of locating my wines. Some of my friends may not entertain as often as I do, but they do want to be able to quickly find a bottle from their collection which is not easy to do. You can use stickers or paper labels to help speed up the process, but you are still stuck looking for a specific bottle among hundreds or thousands of bottles. Well the funny thing is that I track High value items for a living.

I am currently the president of InfinID Technologies, Inc., which has created an advance mesh network Internet of things (IoT) active RFID tag for tracking high value assets in the aerospace industry.  Some of our friends asked me if we could leverage our existing technology to create a wine bottle RFID tag. I took this back to the engineers and after looking into it, they told me that we could bootstrap off of our existing technology to create a wine bottle tag.

So we got busy and created the concept for the hardware and the software design for the Yodeling Wine Tracking System. We have done all the development and testing on the hardware and the software and it is finally completed.  Now the dreams of locating a wine bottle with a single tap of your phone or tablet is here! Yodeling Wine Tracking System is a revolutionary product that lets you instantly control any of your wines within your wine cellar. Just select your wine bottle and tap on your smart device and Yodeling Wine smart tags will light up your wine bottles automatically—like magic. We are so proud of what we have accomplished and excited to bring our technology to market. So, let’s get started in finding your wines that are missing or that are ready to drink! With Yodeling Wine we can make finding your wine an even better experience.

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Chuck Stygar 


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